This community was originally established to provide information regarding the Gnostic Novus philosophy. Within our community we have many discussions centered around our beloved Mother God, Azna.

In 2013, we are celebrating our 13th year online. We have recently expanded our forum, and hope you will find something that strikes a chord of truth within your soul.

There is only one truth but different perspectives from which to see it. Each of us approaches truth from a different set of preconceptions and assumptions. If we seek to impose our own "truth" on others, we learn nothing and create only adversity. If we can express our understanding of truth in the spirit of sharing, we are all enriched. So come take the journey across your own "Bridge to Truth."

The Bridge To Truth

Gnostic is Greek for "Seeker of Truth and Knowledge." Gnostics look to all the great prophets (such as Christ, Mohammed and Buddha) for wisdom and truth and reject the harsh dogma and judgment found in so many religions. Father and Mother God are perfect unconditional love....not full of wrath, hate and vengeance as represented by so many of today's religions. We follow the true message of Christ by loving God and loving one another.

We are a group of Gnostic Christians. Gnostics know that Oneness is the experience that speaks in all languages, addresses all beings, answers all longings, respects and nurtures all hearts.

Within Gnostically Speaking we have a discussion forum for the spiritual seeker. You will find many things for your mind to ponder and to challenge your understanding of life. We are here as a circle of friends, in a friendly comfortable, interactive environment. If you'd like to apply for membership to our discussion forum, CLICK HERE

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